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About Nordus

With ‘Nørdus’, Decospan offers an accessible collection of veneered panels that plays into the trend towards a more Scandinavian and modernist interior design. We consider ourselves as a part of a worldwide community that aims to share the beauty of nature and enjoy it in an environmentally-friendly and responsible manner.

The contemporary living environment reflects our personalities and expectations in life. We aim for modern and timeless products of excellent quality with architectural shapes. Thanks to ‘Nørdus’, you can experience this simple and yet practical interior trend with timeless elegance yourself.

For the ‘Nørdus’ collection, only the best softwood and birch wood is collected and carefully processed into finely cut veneer. This way, the raw materials are optimised. Advanced surface treatments reinforce the unique beauty of wood and highlight its 3D aspect. A team of trendwatchers suggested various trendy finishing options such as metallic shades, ash grey or neutral white accents allowing ‘Nørdus’ to be integrated in every interior.

This collection embodies the Scandinavian lifestyle and nourishes us with cosiness and warmth. Get inspired!

8 Fully Customizable Designs

The Nørdus collection contains 8 designs which go perfectly with a contemporary interior and which encourage creativity. For that reason, a number of possible finishes with paint or oil is suggested for every wood type. The veneer’s thickness can be chosen between 0.6 mm or 1.5 mm depending on the wood type. A top layer of 1.5 mm is always heavy brushed.

Thanks to the unique mixmatch technique, the veneer panels get a solid character, without optical interruption. Nørdus is available as veneered panel, flex and matching edge bands.

For more information about the illustrated finishes, please contact Hesse-Lignal (paints) and Rubio Monocoat (oils).

Spring Larch – natural larch
Autumn Larch – smoked larch, light color tones
Winter Larch – smoked larch, dark color tones
Clean Spruce – knotty-free first grade spruce
Vivid Spruce – knotty spruce
Honey Pine – southern yellow pine
Snow Birch – half rotary spliced birch
Wild Pine – full rotary pine

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A Nørdus panel is composed of a top layer of real wood veneer, a core of 18 mm MDF and a backing of real wood veneer for stability reasons. The top layer is always a jointed veneer sheet in accordance with the chosen design, composed using our mix match technique. In this process, strips of veneer wood from various trees with varying cutting methods are randomly jointed into a full sheet. This way, the panel looks like solid wood. By creating a continuous surface with various panels, there is no optical interruption.

The Nørdus products are always delivered unfinished and should yet be treated by the processor.

Double sided panels are finished on both sides with the same Nørdus veneer.

Single-sided only have the Nørdus design on the front. A veneered board must always have a backing to guarantee a good stability. More info about the backing layer can be found on the manufacturer’s website. The single-sided panels are ideal for applications where only one side of the panel is visible.

Nørdus stands for unique and superior top quality. That is why you should only trust the panels which carry the Decospan marking at the side. The stamp also refers to the production date enabling a clear tracing of every panel.

Nørdus products are also available as flexible veneer sheet, but limited to a number of conditions.

For each design, matching edge bands have been developed. This way, the edges of the Nørdus panels can be perfectly finished. In doing so, Nørdus offers a total solution allowing each project to lead to a successful end result. All edge bands are constructed of veneer wood with a strengthened membrane, not pre-glued and packed in rolls of 50 running meters per roll. All edge bands are available in both 26 mm and 46 mm high.

Apart from the edge bands in the matching wood types, we also offer the possibility to choose an edge band with the appearance of a transversally sawed birch plywood. The fine layers that are typical for the construction of a multiplex panel match the Scandinavian interior style and give the project a pure, authentic look. Nevertheless, the stability and processability of an MDF-panel is preserved.