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About Astrata

“Astrata by Decospan offers excellent solutions for walls in the form of tiles, planks, and slats.


“Astrata tiles” is wall cladding based on sliced wood from recycled old beams. Due to the different thickness of the veneered
blocks, a subtle 3D surface is created. “Astrata tiles” allows you to quickly and easily finish a wall or room without expensive investments. “Astrata tiles” are available from stock in three colors.

All benefits at a glance

– Ecological product by upcycling old oak beams
– A characterful and timeless appearance
– Seamless finish
– Very simple installation with a minimum of tools
– Packed per 1 m. in a sturdy box


“Astrata planks” are oak veneered and pre-profiled boards for decorative wall coverings. This paneling, which is easy to assemble, has a unique tongue and groove connection where the boards can be nailed invisibly. In addition, a recess is provided for fixing the boards using a simple metal clip. This makes the installation easy and fast. “Astrata planks” are therefore the perfect solution to easily integrate wood into any interior.

The planks are available in 3 different widths and 2 lengths that can be mutually combined.


“Astrata slats” are veneered beams for decorative interior purposes. The wooden beams give the interior a dynamic without being overly overwhelming. “Astrata slats” are always made to order and can be obtained in the most diverse types of wood, starting from 150 equal pieces. On page 14 you can find the most popular sizes. The three-sided beams still have to be mounted on an underlying structure. This can be done in various ways such as gluing, nailing, wood dowels or with a groove and connecting lath. Drillings or a groove can be provided as an option. The four-sided beams are veneered all round and can therefore be used as a separate element. A series of beams can thus form a semi-transparent partition to divide a space.”