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Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Project: Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Product: Staron Metallic Yukon
Application: Wall surfaces
Architect: GHD Architects, Adelaide

Healing begins with a patient’s environment. Staron® offers a warm, soft and soothing feel to the skin. It does not feel ‘cold’ like many other surfaces do. Staron® also offers a hygienic finish that abolishes cross contamination, perfect for dental surgeries, hospitals and aged care facilities. When GHD were searching for a surface to clad on the walls of the nurses station in the Starlight Express Room, they searched for a material that lends itself to hospital environments. The material had to be visually stimulating while still meeting the stringent hospital standards in relation to cleaning and hygiene. Staron® Solid Surfaces met this criteria due to its non-porous nature that abolishes cross contamination. This area of the hospital is a welcome retreat for the seriously ill children/teenagers and their families giving them an environment away from the rigours of hospital life, so the materials selected had to adhere with the concept of an internal garden that aims at bringing the outdoor environment indoors to create a hub of fun and distraction.

The Staron® surface provides a warm and inviting surface to touch, with the soft curves also creating an organic feel. Staron® additionally prevents the growth of mould or mildew, providing a clean surface solution. This also means it can be used in and around showers and bath tubs by creating curves for easy access. The seamless nature of Staron® adds heightened hygiene and eliminates dirt trapping crevices, that is essential in this type of industry. Staron® also extends itself to fully integrated dentistry bowls, baby baths or sinks and vanities – with no open joins, just one continuous surface. Create monolithic wall surfaces, toilet partitions, food preparation kitchenettes and more.

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