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Project: Barajas Madrid Airport
Location: Madrid, Spain
Date: 2005
Product: MOSO Bamboo
Application: Ceiling panels
Architect: GHD Estudio Lamela, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

This spectacular project is known as the world’s largest bamboo project, and has definitely put bamboo on the map as potential high end design material for both interior and exterior. 212,000 square meters of gently curved bamboo slats clad the internal face of the roof of the latest addition to the terminals (T4) of Madrid International Airport. The architect, Richard Rogers, choose bamboo because of the pleasing aesthetics and warm colour, but also as a natural and sustainable alternative to wood. To comply with extremely demanding fire safety restrictions, the laths were custom made by MOSO International and manufactured from multiple, individually impregnated, layers of MOSO bamboo veneer.

The curved features of the roof were inspired by the silhouette of a bird in flight. A special technique was deployed to enable the bending of the panels and facilitate adaptation to the undulating metal structure.

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