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Hemlock Lumber

About Calgary Library

Project: Calgary’s New Central Library
Client: Executive Millwork Architect: International firm Snøhetta and Calgary’s DIALOG
Description: 455,000 lineal feet of specially prepared Hemlock lumber that were integral to the pre-engineered pre-built components
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Date: November 1st, 2018
Product: Hemlock Lumber
Application: Ceilings, wall panels, stairs, and interior design
DesignOneSource Specification Rep: Leslynn Heerema
Architect: International firm Snohetta and Calgary’s DIALOG

One of Architectural Digest’s 12 Most Anticipated Buildings of 2018!  Hardwoods Specialty Products, Calgary division supplied its client Executive Millwork with the 455,000 lineal feet of specially prepared Hemlock lumber that were integral to the pre-engineered pre-built components. These large components were built off site then installed on the ceilings and walls of the building’s interior in such a manner as to resemble the timbers of a ship’s hull. And in addition to their appearance, the design and geometry of the panels played an important role in delivery on the acoustical properties of this “quiet” facility. This is no ordinary hemlock lumber…It was first selected for its appearance, it was required to be FSC certified, come from within 500 miles for local content, be Class “A” Fire Rated, and have a clear environmentally approved UV resistant clear coating. This being a high profile project on the North American stage meant that it was critical that the lumber was perfect in both appearance and in its physical properties.

Early on in the project the senior management of Executive visited, inspected and took a pass on multiple sawmills until such time as they felt comfortable in one mill that could demonstrate their capability to supply the large volume of wood that was absolutely consistent in grade and color from the first piece to the last. This pristine material was then milled to the precise dimensions before the fire proofing treatment. The treating process was selected because the FR chemicals are impregnated deep into the wood. After treatment this wood was clear coated before arriving at Executive’s Calgary facility to be fabricated into the many engineered components that made up the interior of the building. This was such an outstanding project that it was also featured in the New York Times and The Sounding Board Magazine.

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