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Mystery Oak Shinnoki

About Landing Pad

Project: Landing Pad Kitchen Design
Architect: Secter Architecture + Design Ltd.
Builder: Harris Builders Ltd.
Engineer: Wolfrom Engineering
Description: This stunning kitchen is the winner of the 2019 Sub Zero Wolf award for best kitchen design in Western Canada
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Product: Mystery Oak Shinnoki
Application: Kitchen Cabinet Wall
DesignOneSource Specification Rep: Leslynn Heerema

The renovation, from an existing 1960s bungalow to a fresh, modern home was driven by the desire for a flexible, multi-functional landing pad for the client, a young design-savvy family. Features of other bungalows in the established neighbourhood – their gables, outlined fascia, angled windows and chimneys – were reinterpreted and used to guide the extensive addition and remodel. From the front, a reclining gable roof shelters the new extension, allowing for a significant change in the atmosphere within the home. Once low and flat, ceilings are now more generous and varied, vaulting in the main living space and lowering in the private areas of the home. The interior’s previously enclosed orientation has shifted outward, toward the backyard and landscaped terrace.

Credit: www.secterdesign.com
Photographer Credit: Lindsay Reid | Click Studio

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