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About Lincolnshire House

Project: Lincolnshire House
Architect: SMPL Design Studio
Builder: ECNOMUS Construction Group
Interior Design: Considerate Goods
Millwork by: Bendt Kitchens and Millwork
Description: Contemporary suburban house embraces biophilic design principals. The homeowners chose to use Echo Wood Reconstituted wood veneers for the cabinetry and architectural elements for their unique natural textural elements, properties and color tone.
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Completed Date: Fall 2021
Products: Echo Wood Slate, Gun Metal Ebony, AGT White, Unilin Evola Dainty Oak Latte, Dainty Oak Café Noir, and Elegant Black
DesignOneSource Specification Rep: Greer Woollcott

Application: This ultra-contemporary Toronto area home is located in the bedroom community of Mississauga. The home owners designed each internal biophilic element of their “forever home”. In doing so, they sought a modern minimalistic look with a warmth provided by wood and wood grain textures throughout. All the cabinets, vanities, island table and other woodwork in the house were custom crafted by Bendt Kitchen and Millwork to the owner’s stringent specifications and requirement that environmentally responsible materials be used. The homeowner chose Echo Wood architectural wood panels to take advantage of the unique textural elements, light reflective properties and natural colour palette. Echo Wood Gun Metal Ebony veneers were used extensively in the front hall millwork elements and the kitchen cabinetry. Echo Wood Slate veneers were used for the cabinetry in the powder room and main bathroom. Unilin Evola products were used in the laundry and the guest bathroom.

Simplicity and elegancy of this modern home was achieved by pairing Hardwoods’ products with the other modern and environmentally friendly materials selected by the owners and incorporated in the overall biophilic design by Considerate Goods.

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