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Project: Signal House
Location: Newport Beach, CA
Product: Querkus Adagio wood veneer panels
Application: Kitchen, bedroom, vanity and wardrobe cabinetry, media room wall paneling
DesignOneSource Specification Rep: Julie Blakely
Architect: Hawk + Co

“I selected Querkus because of the accuracy of color and flitch matching. The coloration was perfect with just a clear sealer over the top; allowing us to speed up the schedule and avoid having to bleach or correct the natural variation that occurs in a standard veneer; just clean consistent sheets of beautifully textured wood veneer. The texture was another property that was incredibly important to me. The opportunity to create a tactile moment for the client is always a win. It’s that extra level of care that a person remembers when they run their hands over a cabinet door. Those moments make a difference.” Summer Jensen.
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