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Signal House

About Signal House

Project: Signal House
Architect/Interior DesignHawk + Co  www.hawkandco.com
Description: Founder of Hawk + Co, Summer Jensen strikes an iconic balance of minimalism and opulence in this magnificent and all-embracing remodel. Decospan’s Querkus architectural wood panels in Adagio were chosen for the home’s expansive cabinetry and interior millwork due to the impressive quality and texture of the wood veneer.
Location:  Newport Beach, CA
Products:  Querkus Adagio wood veneer panels
Application:  Kitchen, bedroom, vanity and wardrobe cabinetry, media room wall paneling
DesignOneSource Specification Rep: Julie Blakely
Photography:  Mellon Studio  www.mellon-studio.com
Millworker:   Williams Woodworking  https://williamsww.com/
Cabinetry:  Hawk + Co and GNA Cabinets

“I selected Querkus because of the accuracy of color and flitch matching. The coloration was perfect with just a clear sealer over the top; allowing us to speed up the schedule and avoid having to bleach or correct the natural variation that occurs in a standard veneer; just clean consistent sheets of beautifully textured wood veneer.  The texture was another property that was incredibly important to me.  The opportunity to create a tactile moment for the client is always a win.  It’s that extra level of care that a person remembers when they run their hands over a cabinet door.  Those moments make a difference.”  Summer Jensen.

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