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About Sunset Beach Exteriors

Project: Sunset Beach Residential Exterior Modified Wood
Designer + Fabricator: True Design
Description: This picturesque coastal home showcases a high-performance modified timber selected for its beauty, durability properties, sustainability and resistance to rot.
Location: Sunset Beach, CA
Product: Lignified Modified Lumber
Application: Exterior Cladding

This residential beach home showcases a high-performance modified timber in an eye-catching exterior cladding application. Purposefully oriented with both a horizontal and vertical design, this durable real wood delivers beauty, product performance and sustainability through a unique ligniafication process.

The timber’s properties are enhanced to include increased durability against rot, as well as greater stability, density and hardness. The natural golden-brown color is beautifully enhanced by the sunsets from this beachfront residence.

As a modified FSC® timber that is engineered to last a lifetime, this product is well-placed to offer an ecologically-viable alternative to the use of uncertified hardwoods, thus helping to reduce deforestation.

Photographer: Tony Marinella

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