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Shinnoki Acoustical Panels

Shinnoki offers prefinished wood veneered panels for architects and cabinet makers to design and create stylish and distinctive interiors. Unlike regular veneered panels, Shinnoki products are ready-to-use and as easy to work with as a melamine board, huge time and cost-saving but with the same unique look and feel that is typical for real wood veneer. Thanks to our proprietary mixmatch technique and our years of experience in product finishing, Shinnoki panels guarantee a continuous look without significant visual interruptions and color consistency throughout your entire project. Shinnoki is a complete program including matching panels, veneers and edge banding all quickly available from stock in 16 timely colors.

This additional range of acoustically absorbing panels has been developed to absorb and reduce any disturbing sounds in a room. This leads to greater acoustic comfort, even in highly frequented rooms with a lot of background noise. The mechanism of absorption at the core of a Shinnoki acoustical panel is called the principle of Helmholtz resonance, named after the German physician Herr Hermann Helmholtz, who discovered this phenomenon in 1863. Nano perforations in the surface and a large cavity in the material ensure that medium and low frequencies (= human voice) are efficiently absorbed.

The benefits of Shinnoki:

  • 16 trend driven real wood designs
  • consistent colors and quality thanks to the mixmatch technique and industrial processsing
  • prefinished surface making the processing extremely fast, easy and price-effective
  • complete range of panels, laminated veneers and edge banding
  • wood from well managed forests
Shinnoki Acoustics
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