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Red Grandis is known as the hardwood of the future – it is a versatile wood and 100% FSC certified. Grown in Uruguay in former pasture lands, the first Red Grandis trees were planted decades ago, bringing added value to the ecosystem and the local economy. Similar to Genuine Mahogany in weight, strength, density and grain structure, it is lighter in color, and easy to cut and finish which makes it an eco-friendly alternative to Beech, Mahogany, and even Walnut for indoor and outdoor furniture.

  • (WDMA) Rot resistance test = Exhibits excellent decay resistance
  • Red Grandis = Class 2 durability, up to 30 years without treatment
  • Very stable and great workability
  • Sustainable alternative to Mahogany, Teak and many tropical species
  • Trouble free lumber for millwork operation
  • Few defects
  • Best consistency in color, quality, and grade
  • Less prone to cupping, warping, and twisting
  • Takes stains and paints very well

Sizes: Multiple lengths available
(Please contact us for specific sizes)